The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the world as we know it in ways that would have seemed impossible just 12 months ago. As social distancing became commonplace, it helped to accelerate the digital revolution, and companies around the world are finding that their traditional methods of engaging with customers are no longer viable.
Businesses in every industry are realizing that they have to expand their services beyond the usual scope of their borders. It has never been more important for companies to be creating a seamless customer journey, and developing a customer-focused ecosystem that utilizes innovative technology to generate more data and improve customer experience is vital.
This change is no truer than in the fintech, consumer finance, and banking industries, where consumer habits are changing at an incredible pace. While it was once about the number of branches that was most important, in this fast-paced digital world, that is no longer the case.
Here at Aper, our mission is to give everyone a better way to buy. In this fast-paced environment, the world of global commerce has become plagued by predatory finance that has created a growing misalignment between merchants and customers. We aim to create a frictionless experience where financial institutions, consumers, and merchants work together for a common goal.

What does Aper do?

We utilize the latest technology and innovation to help consumer finance and fintech institutions to seize the opportunity the digital revolution offers. Since our launch, we have partnered with some of the leading fintech and financial institutions in the world, helping to develop a marketplace that allows them to access more than ten million customers and in excess of 400 sellers already using Aper.
To help our clients unlock the future of banking, our goal is to create a fairer and more efficient ecosystem where every transaction is fast, honest, and flexible. The exchange of money for goods and services has been the foundation of modern society for millennia, and financial institutions have been an essential part of this since the beginning.
However, this ecosystem is becoming increasingly misaligned, which is why Aper helps to create a frictionless experience where everyone wins. We are a true Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, and our dedicated team can help you to build a powerful ecosystem that sees real-time lending and world-leading merchants working together in a fundamental principle of fairness.
Aper has been developed to enable fintech institutions around the world enjoy the right-to-win in eCommerce through a powerful and innovative AI-driven marketplace. We work with a wide range of consumer finance institutions to establish and operate an eCommerce marketplace bespoke to them, helping them to evolve their digital presence and allowing them to increase the value they offer customers.
We understand how important brand identity is in the modern world, which is why we offer a fully customizable front end. Our in-depth backend then provides everything users need, including full analytics, client management, social media tools, and payment options. We also support operations, including partner development, logistics, and claim management. We are fully integrated with banks, ensuring we can provide the highest level of digital and IT security.
Thanks to our advanced machine learning and AI technology, Aper is able to offer a truly seamless experience from discovery to delivery.

Why do we do it?

At Aper, our mission is to be the global leader in developing digital ecosystems that incorporate cutting-edge technology to improve relations between companies and customers. The digital revolution is transforming the world, and with the future of commerce set to be frictionless, banks of the future will curate a powerful marketplace through their relationships with merchants and consumers.
By having more merchants and payment options available in one place, these consumer finance institutions will develop unique networks of real-time lending combined with world-class merchants. If you could start the world of commerce again, you would build the marketplace first, with financial services at the center. This would allow organizations to make sure that customers were offered the best price possible while charging merchants an industry-low commission.
This would then enable these ecosystems the ability to offer both traditional and new financial products at the point of purchase, tailored to each individual customer in real-time. We believe that right now, there is an incredible window of opportunity for banks of the future, giving them the ability to not just power transactions but actually govern their context, and add a new fee-based revenue stream in the process.
Customers these days are besieged with predatory offers everywhere they turn, and merchants pay out what precious little margin they have remaining to an ever-growing list of middlemen. That is why we establish Aper. We aim to help give customers a fundamentally greater experience while giving merchants the chance to sell to more customers in a location they want to be in.
We help to establish a trusted marketplace that offers customers a fast, fair, and flexible way to buy, while giving banks the chance to deepen their relationship with customers, endear themselves to merchants, and drive commerce at scale. By partnering with Aper, we will help you to turn this vision into a reality in a matter of weeks.

Why choose Aper?

We strive to give our customers an unrivaled experience, and we pride ourselves on our in-depth and innovative solutions. What makes Aper unique? We are a true SaaS platform, allowing us to ensure your marketplace can begin incredibly quickly. Requiring no major IT projects, we can pre-integrate our software with almost any system on earth, ensuring deployment can typically be undertaken in under three months.
Our world-class technology incorporates machine learning and artificial intelligence, allowing us to orchestrate an entire consumer finance ecosystem that guarantees your customers enjoy an unmatched and seamless experience. Aper is also the only platform that has invested in the talent, infrastructure, and tools to work with multiple financial institutions, and we guarantee your data and information are completely secure.
What’s more, with Aper, our partners pay absolutely nothing. We guarantee that there are no upfront or hidden costs; we only make money when you do, so it is in our best interest to ensure you are as successful as possible.
Aper is always on your side, and we only work with modern finance and fintech organizations. Our team understands the challenges current financial institutions face, which is why our solutions are designed to help you overcome the complex and ever-evolving challenges the modern world face.

Want to find out how Aper can help you?

Looking to ensure your company can seize the opportunities the digital world will provide? At Aper, our dedicated team is here to ensure you can take your company forward through innovative technology and unrivaled service.
By handling the operations of every partner marketplace, it ensures you have complete peace of mind that it is working as efficiently as possible while allowing you to focus on growing your company and building the financial products your customers seek. Want to find out more? Get in touch with Aper today and find out how we can help you!